UNILEX is a network

UNILEX is a network of Italian legal firms grouped in an association, located over the whole Italian territory, which are connected to each other through modern communication tools and perform their activity according to common principles.
UNILEX can therefore offer its clients legal services concerning the main subjects of law, also at international level, through territorial decentralisation and tight connections that bring together the specialisation of the about 70 professionals who presently compose it.
Every UNILEX firm can thus make available the whole wealth of legal knowledge of the entire network.
UNILEX major characteristics are:
- quality control, performed applying specific rules with particular reference to the speed in providing suitable answers and information to clients, as well as the procedures for handling cases;
- the affinity of professional paths within the single associated firms;
- the standardisation of principles for applying fees within traditional professional fees or, on request, on an hourly basis according to international standards.
UNILEX also organises conferences and debates in order to better investigate matters of particular interest.
UNILEX is a member of MACKRELL International, a network of independent law firms based in about 60 Countries with more than 170 offices.
UNILEX has currently offices in Rome (Studio Legale Rosauer), Milan (Studio Lanza e Associates), Trento (Studio Legale Voltolini), Reggio Calabria (Studio Associato Borruto), Torino (Studio Carena - D´Herin).