Studio Associato Borruto
The Borruto associated law firm was established by Solicitor Antonio Borruto (born in 1901) during the 1920s. Having begun his career in Reggio Calabria, he then included Messina within his activities as a civil and criminal lawyer on behalf of private clients and companies (among which were some of the main banks of that time). During the 1950s, the activity was assumed and subsequently pursued by Sol. Vincenzo Borruto, current senior partner of the associated law firm. The firm was established as a professional association in 1994, upon the entrance of Solicitors Alessandra and Antonio Borruto as partners. Other professional persons also collaborate with the firm at this time (three solicitors and two solicitors-in-training).
At this time, the law firm assists insurance companies and banks as well as some of the principal local companies, in legal and labour disputes and extra-judicial consultancy activities (drawing up contracts and expert advice).
Studio Associato Borruto, Via Crocefisso 15/c, 89128 Reggio Calabria
Telephone: (+39)0965/25953 � 20581
Fax: (+39) 0965/811997

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