Studio Lanza Associati
Studio Lanza Associati is the result of the merger of various offices having a long consulting tradition, with particular attention to corporate issues and, more generally, commercial law, where the firm has developed significant experiences at national and international level, for having taken care of important merger and acquisition processes, and for its consulting and assistance in financing operation on the international market and in procedures for the listing of companies.
Its activity includes skills in industrial, environmental, real estate and family law, as well as in fiscal, management and accounting consulting. Great attention is also devoted to the assistance before the Judicial Authority and Boards of Arbitrators.
Clients include companies operating on the national and international market, as well as private individuals, foundations, public institutions and associations in the various fields of the economic and financial world.
The deep transformation which occurred over the last years in all the sectors of the economic activity considerably modified also the role of legal firms.
Thus, it has been necessary to provide for a general reorganisation of structures, and of the manner in which consulting and services are offered to clients, which privilege personal relationships, though highly professional, and the support of consultants who can satisfy their needs also in the very strict deadlines required by the new economy.
From another viewpoint, the ongoing globalisation process has caused businessmen to become directly aware of the deep differences existing in the juridical systems of the single countries, and of the resulting need to adapt their own procedures to this new reality, keeping the high quality of the professional level.
In order to achieve these goals, the relationships between the Firm´s partners and the top management of the client companies are normally very tight, based on a trust and direct relationship, which involves the firm from the very first stage of the decision-making process until the following implementation stage.
Special attention is dedicated to updating and training, with the participation and organisation of meetings at various levels of skill, which are attended by personalities of the legal and economic world from Italy and abroad, that can give an important contribution to vocational training and ensure the necessary exchange of information on the legal and judicial news, as well as on the most modern methodologies in the various fields of activity.
For the purpose of meeting at best the above-mentioned needs, the Firm, besides being a charter member of UNILEX, is member of the international group ACL, Association of Commercial Lawyers (, with offices in all major countries in the five continents. The Firm presently consists of eight partners, and a certain number of collaborators at various levels, besides an appropriate support of secretarial and executive staff.

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