Associated Firms

The Legal Firms associated in Unilex are specialised Professional Partnerships, deeply rooted in the territory and deliberately medium-sized, so as to ensure a tighter relationship with the client.
In order to provide more and more accurate assistance, thus covering the whole Italian territory and the most various branches of law, these Partnerships have adopted common rules with the purpose of providing constant treatment and the keeping of high quality standards which are the first requirements that has to be met in order to apply for membership in Unilex.
  Studio Legale Rosauer
Via Umbria 7 - 00187 Rome [...]

  Studio Lanza Associati
Via Francesco Sforza 15 - 20122 Milan  [...]

  Studio Associato Borruto
Via Crocefisso 15/C- 89128 Reggio Calabria  [...]